Welcome to our learning in Reception - Spring 1


Hoping that everyone had a fantastic break.  Welcome back, Reception!  It is lovely to see everyone back and ready to learn, excited to see their friends.

Beginning this term in Reception, our topic is Superheroes; we will be talking about real and imaginary heroes.  Like last term, a lot of our topic will also be child-led – based around what the children seem to enjoy doing during their activity choosing time, and will change weekly.

In Numeracy, we will be reviewing adding and taking away, and will also be learning about money and looking at 2D shapes.  We will also be doing some work based around the children’s current craze – paper planes!  This will tie in nicely with Science as we will be looking at how the planes fly, and also measuring the distance they can travel.

In PE, we will continue with Real PE, looking at adventure stories in each session – we will be pirates, and visit the jungle!

For Science, we will also be looking at hygiene, and discussing the importance of washing our hands.  We will be looking at an experiment with bread, and seeing whether the slice which has been touched by dirty hands grows mouldy faster than the slice which has not.

We will also be continuing with our Friday reading workshops, and look forward to seeing lots of you there!



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