Welcome to our learning in Reception - Spring 2


Welcome back for the brighter half of the Spring term!

This term, our topic in Reception is in keeping with the season, as we will be looking at living things, beginning with minibeasts and our trips to both the aquarium at the Horniman Museum, and Mudchute Farm, where we will have the opportunity to see and observe living things.

We will be looking at fact finding; using non-fiction books to discover facts about minibeasts and other living things, and creating our own fact books on the subjects.

For World Book Week, we will be looking at fairytales; reading lots of different fairy stories and thinking about how they are written, as well as beginning to write our own.

Like the previous terms, much of the learning each week will be child-led; the weekly topics will be based on observations of what the children choose to play during activity time.

For PE, we will continue to use the Real PE programme.

In Numeracy, we will be learning about money, and will be using our previously learned adding skills to do small sums using monetary values.

We will also be continuing with our weekly reading workshop, and look forward to continuing to see so many of you there!


Reception Latest News

The whole school had the chance to visit the book fayre on the top floor this week; the children enjoyed having the chance to browse and buy a massive variety of books

Posted: Friday 8th March 2019, 10:32am

More photos of yesterday's fantastic costumes!

Posted: Friday 8th March 2019, 9:57am

The school feels like a living library today - what fantastic costumes, and so nice to see so many people reading and celebrating books

Posted: Thursday 7th March 2019, 2:16pm
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