Core Priorities 2018-2019

To ensure that 100% of teaching is good or outstanding with a clear focus on relationships in and out of the classroom.
To embed ‘Thinking about Thinking’ into classroom practice across the school. To promote the understanding of self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-monitored learning in the classroom.
To maintain a healthier school, both physically and mentally. To sustain a school where mental health and well-being is as important as physical health for both children and staff.
To increase our promotion of diversity across the school and the local community.
To decrease ‘teacher workload’ whilst increasing ‘teacher well-being’ in order to create a successful working environment where sickness is minimal and retention of outstanding teachers is paramount.
To continue to utilise our school buildings in order to generate extra income in order to boost our budget. To increase revenue streams from other areas as well and create more success when applying for bids.