After School Club

Every afternoon during term time we welcome our children (reception to year 6) to attend After School Club.

Staff members: Brenda, Anna, Anthony, Kelly, and Shay

Opening times: Mon - Fri 3.30 - 6pm. (Guardians to collect children from anytime up to 6pm)

We enjoy our after school time starting with some toast or snacks from home and playtime outside.
Inside just some of the activities we do are playing games, creating with arts and crafts (Hama beads are popular! - see right), reading and playing on the Wii. Sometimes we choose a film.



What our children say....

"I like after school club because you get to do many creative things and you get to play with your friends! At after school club I play ball games outside with my friends, painting or a read lots of amazing books from the shelves."
"It's a bit different [since we moved] because we have to go downstairs into the classroom to get toast but it's still fun.  We get to go on laptops and into both playgrounds now."

"The new after school club is really fun because there's lots of stuff and there's beanbags which are massive and you can bounce on them!