Painted Hall Ceiling Experience

Each Year 3 and 4 class has been (or will be going next  week) to the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, to learn about the Greek myths and monsters depicted in the paintings.  Everyone was given safety training, hard hats and high-vis lanyards before ascending 60 foot to view the artwork and learn about how it is made.  We learned that it will take 2 years of working full time to clean the ceiling, using only water and special sponges.  It was last cleaned 50 years ago, but if done properly this time will not have to be cleaned again for 100 years!

After viewing the art, using torches to look closely, we played a game of skittles in the basement - the skittles had been take from old ships which had docked in Deptford - and participated in a myths and monsters workshop, which entailed storytelling, role play, and designing our own mythological masks.