Seeds from Space!

Halstow is privileged to be one of the schools participating in the Rocket Science scheme, sponsored by the European Space Agency and Royal Horticultural Society, in which we are growing 200 rocket seeds - 100 of which are normal, everyday Earth-locked rocket seeds, and 100 of which have spent the past 6 months in space.  All other variables whilst growing these seeds will remain the same, and we will be measuring/comparing the plants to see whether the 6 months spent in a different atmosphere will affect the plants.  All children across the school have had/will continue to have their own roles in germinating and caring for the plants, from Reception having prepared the compost for trays by making sure there were no lumps, to Year 5 and 6 who labelled the trays and placed them on windowsills around the school.

A time-lapse camera has been set up to observe the 7-week experiment, and we will feed back further when the results are in!